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Israeli Trainer on GB

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Did you guys see this rifle ? I've never seen pics of
this one before. Was hoping it would stay in my range,
but it did not surprise me when it jumped over $1K.

Cool rifle -- Anyone here have any info on this one ?


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They were apparently built as training rifles by FN for the Israelis and the South Africans. The figure I heard was 2k completed. A batch of the Israeli ones came into the States in around 2004. Myself and my former roommate bought two, when they came available through the Old Sac Armory in California. They were priced at $300 each. My roomie had the stock redone professionally, as well as a park job, and the thing stops traffic at the range. I've left mine original, and have a hard time telling it apart from my Russian Captures in my gun safe. Because they are built on a 98k base, when you shoot it, there is no recoil, and almost no sound. I can't say enough good about the weapon.
Raul, thanks for the additional info. Your pics look exactly like my gun. It's funny to think that only a thousand of these were made over half a century ago, and there are examples still firing in people's collections.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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