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The one I didn't buy....passing it over for a rough but intact/servicable 1932 Oviedo M1916(still 7mm) plus long bayonet for $120.

The M38 itself being no real prize. Counter-bored, M44 stock with dark shellac that's falling off, black paint on action/barrel(wearing off), escrutions on the rear sling slots, plain slot with flat steel reinforcement for front slot. Also extra reinforcing bolt at wrist. Matching stamped numbers. Not the usual unissued refurb Mosin, as this one looks used quite a lot since refurb, and has the darker wood finish. A crylic looking mark on the right side buttstock thats not a usual Russian marking.

It is still in my grasp, and the date is a bit rarer(not a 1940 Tula M38...Ishevsk 1940 M38).

The owner wants $150....wouldn't take less. I just couldn't bring myself to buy it today. The well used Spaniard catching my fancy. Should I go back later and wheedle the M38 from it's owner?

Thanks, Z
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