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1967 dated chinese 7.62x39 ammo?if i were you i'd think about it before acualy shooting any of it!during the vietnam war we sabatoged enemy ammo,especialy in that caliber! i found this video while lookin for info on sabotging ammo,this video is in iraq,but in vietnam our guys also did that to mortars and other munitions.
but i would question shooting ammo from that era because there may be a chance of some rounds being filled with explosive in poweder form!i read about that in a gun magazine article. *yawns*
Ammo purchased from imports to the US for sure did not come from decades old VC stockpiles or from any part of Vietnam. This is old Chinese stock and it has a billion in one chance of containing any Sabotage ammo. The number of rounds so tainted is very few....see the American Rifleman article on this program.

It is real quality sad to see that stuff no longer available to us. I bought a buttload of it for 6cents/round in the 'good ole days'!
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