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I bought a 44 Tula current repro, and mine came with an unused barrel, so new I had to knock down the extractor slot burrs created after they cut the extractor slot, and alot of them seemed to have been made on late war refurbished rifles, I saw one that had a hex receiver with 44 tula brand new barrel on it, so I'd say that late war a bunch of rifles got rebuilt to new, stored away, in the Ukraine, an that is what they are converting over.
As for the papered originals, alot of them being made up post ww2 or even korea, a great investment, although alot of them have bores that are well used, accurate enough for your standard sportsman/investor, but if you can hand pick one of these new ones with a "new" bore, they come with a build sheet and are zero'd to the scope and mount, and mine is so accurate at 100 meters, I aint shooting it no more till I get me a better truck that can get me to some 300-400 meter shooting spots, bullet holes were touching or two bullets through a slightly larger hole, off a rest, was throwing me off till I noticed a new bore on a mosin is "something special", good brass cased ammo makes a difference too.
I paid $510 for mine though, with bayo/accessories, build sheet, at my local Big 5 sporting goods, a premium, and I had the hassle of my first one had a rare cracked receiver(having likely been cracked since WW2), but it was worth the hassle and wait for a replacement two months ago.
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