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I was just curious, considering there's the (as far as I can remember):

Original cliploading .318, unnotched, no S
Cliploading, .323, unnotched S
Cliploading, .323, notched S
Stripper loading, .323, notched, S
Turked, no notch
Turked, turk notch
Turked, new barrel
Turked no-jacket new-stock.

Is there any set fixed historical provenance tied to the upgrades, where we could look at a rifle and determine what countries/wars/usages/rebuilds the rifle might've passed through?

I know we've got the basic "The Germans used '88s as second-line, and upgraded some to use strippers in 1905 for the 88/05, and emergency-converted more in 1914-15 for the 88/14, and some went to Turkey and got changed after the war", but that seems pretty sparse for such a neat rifle.

I know they went everywhere from Turkey to Ecuador, but it seems to me that if DocAV can sometimes pop into the Mauser Forum with "wow, there's serial ranges and production dates for that kind of Turkenstein Mauser!" tidbits once in a while, there's gotta be some sort of way to categorize and classify '88s, hadn't there?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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