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Is my RC BYF 41 "legit"?

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Hi Guys,
A few years ago I bought an RC K98 from Classic Arms. I recently picked up a copy of Backbone of the Wermacht which states that BYF 41's all had 4 digit serial #'s whereas mine has 3. I did strip the RC shellac and found a nice laminated stock underneath which was also numbered 360. The bolt has been elector-penciled 360 as well as the barrel bands and floor plate.

The barrel is Dated '40 with a Do 676

I always assumed this rifle was as legit as an RC could be but now I'm wondering. Also, are the other stamps (the star, the 'x" and the "P") on the top of the receiver all from the Russians?

Any input would be appreciated.
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I have that same star stamped in the same spot on my RC duv 41.
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