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I am not really sure if it is even worth arguing about. It is certainly shorter than a Gew98 but the same/similar length of other rifles.

Hambone's point of the differences in the G43 vs K43 is of course correct (there aren't any for those few here who do not know this)

This is kinda the same "value" of an argument as when I was "yelled" at for calling an MP44 an assault rifle and that it should not be put in a SMG comparison - by one who lived and breathed that the Germans were correct in any designation they gave a weapon. (the entire story of the "hiding" of the continued development of the Mkb42(H) over Hitler's objections was lost on him)

So I guess I am trying to make my point and then move on . . . . . . . you gonna include the MP44 series in your carbine article?
I though the whole reason the germans called the MP44 a Machinepistol was to get the project past Hitler.
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