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Irving Gun Show Report

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Two words: Total Bust.

There was a grand total of 1 Mosin in the entire building (41 Ishevsk 91/30 for $150), a few excruciatingly overpriced Enfields (No.1 Mk. III for $850 anyone?), and a humped K98 that even I could distinguish from a real matching rifle (and given my track record with 98ks that's saying something).

The usual 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 AR15s that all look the same except for the random accessories crammed on them, more stun gun and leather vendors than you could shake a stick at (*nsfw joke ahead* the leather vendors would've probably enjoyed that... *nsfw joke over*), and a few people that were selling candles and Avon or whatever else was out there.

Pretty sad showing, but such is life I suppose.

Oh, and I bought an old 150mm ammo crate... because I have a strange affinity for things made out of wood... and I'm already working on converting it into a transit case for the PPS43, because I really have nothing better to do at this point in time.
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Hear ya' FASTP,

I like the old stuff, but have respect for the guys who like the black rifles. Wouldn't mind hav'in one for zombie time, but the Mini-30 should work well for that. Have one goal when I go to a show. Bring somthin' worthy for a good price home. Some good ammo, bayonet...once in awhile an old rifle.

Not bad on the shell crate, now you have a project and probably didn't spend much. Ain't a bad day. I have a serious love for wood. Can't blame ya'.

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