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From the pictures it seems they're similar to the laminated russian buttocks with a red shellac coating. From my knowledge the AKs supplied to the Iraqis was from a number of black market and soviet era sources that being Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Russia, China then the home built Tabuks. Most coming from either Russia and Yugoslavia before the home built Tabuks showed up. The Russian ones would've started showing up in the 60s after the revolution with the SKS rifles. Yugoslavia was contracted at first to produce the early Tabuks for a while. Once the Iraq war started in '03 the quality went down drastically for the Tabuks and they was grabbing whatever they can.

Thinking about it there was one guy that was making reproduction Tabuks here stateside. I believe it was Two Rivers Arms. Wouldn't hurt to give him a holler to see what they know. Hopefully this bit of info helps.
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