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i got this despite it being scrubbed as it has some interesting markings and '18 tulas aren't common. has imperial markings and eagle scrubbed from the barrel. the receiver shows no sign of every having had an eagle to scrub or peen. it does have an imperial era tula hammer on the flat,what is i think a stylized g below and a 2 below that. the g also appears under the barrel.not well seen is a large capital F to rt of serial # slightly above the wood line. the F romanian? the really funny thing is the tang date and logo 1916 tula. so i have a receiver with an imperial date that was never eagle stamped9or subsequently peened out) but has soviet era hammer. it holds a barrel that is late imperial and scrubbed. it may have seen time in (?) romania. an early soviet "parts" gun made from a left over receiver and scrubbed barrel ? ideas,comments,guesses. anyone seen similar?
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