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Just picked this one up last Friday. SIG stepped barrel, but no CG crest on the barrel es expected, just the serial # vertically, matching the bolt serial. One CG # on the bolt, lined out, another on the left side of the barrel at the woodline.

Now for the interesting pert - I took it down for basic grease/crud removal and to get a look at the tang - The CG crest is UNDER the barrel, exactly 180 degrees from where normally stamped. All other stamps are in their usual, expected locations. There's an index mark on the receiver, but no corresponding index mark on the barrel. The receiver may either scrubbed or a Chatellerault, I need to examine additional markings.

Photos to follow as time permits. The rifle hasn't been apart in a VERY long time so there's a lot of hardened grease and oil to work through. A bit of old rust as well, and the stock needs a lot of attention.
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