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I used my Lee single-stage press for years - wasn't in a hurry or doing huge batches, so it worked fine.
In the last year, I have been doing much more loading, pistol and rifle calibers. I still don't need "mass loading" capability, but I switched to the Lee Turret Press - much better! Occasionally I lose a case to crinkle - I can pop the turret around, deprime another case and add it to the batch quickly, without having to install/readjust dies. Having multiple turrets for a variety of calibers is great too.
I do load like a single-stage (removed the index rod) - doing all my sizing/decapping in one go, then spin the turret to flare (handgun cases), load powder separately from my powder thrower, then seat the bullet in and crimp. It works for me - I am a mainframe batch programmer, so it's what I am accustomed to! ;)
I do favor RCBS rifle dies - both myself and a buddy having problems with a few different Lee rifle dies. The RCBS dies take a bit more effort to set up, but work much better for me.
All my pistol dies are Lee at the moment, but that may change.
I do prefer the Lee hand primer tool over the RCBS tool - more 'user-friendly'. I can swap out primer trays on the Lee in seconds, while the RCBS has to be partly dismantled.
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