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McCain, Thompson, Hunter all got agreement on 8 out of 11 for me. All the Dems and Ron Paul were at the bottom.
Kinda scary when only Tancredo agrees with me on immigration.

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I've take an few like this. I've got it open in another window now. Before I take it, I'm going to predict that my top 3 end up being Hunter, Huckabee, and Romney.

Now I'll take it.

Hmm. Different outcome than others I've taken. Hunter comes in first, then Thompson.

Then McCain? That. Ain't. Happinin'.

Next is Gilmore. Is he even running anymore?

Then Romney. He usually comes in third for me in most quizes like this.

Then Brownback and Tancredo. Tancredo usually finishes much higher, as does Huckabee who follows him here.

Hmm, Mr. Ron "Constitution" Paul doesn't believe in the death penalty? Suprising. For it says in the Constitution that no person "shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law." That means with due process, the death penalty is recognized by the Constitution.

Guess he ain't so "purist" after all?

According to this survey, Ron Paul is little more than a Democrat to my sensibilities.
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