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they are too much of a pain to change.Its easier to find a junker with a replacment slider thats completely correct arsenal and series.I usually dont replace AA wings unless Im SURE it had them originally,such as already having a broken set on the sight,as so many early transitional guns had the notch for them but never had the spring or wing installed(so also its likely unfinished internally)...generally T-99s seem to be closer to interchangable parts than the earlier guns,but unless you have a part from one pretty close from the same group it may not fit directly,as all guns were a "one off" especially later in the war. A good set of small files,a dremal tool,polishing cloths,brass driving tools, and some small hones and such are indispensable parts of a toolbench for working on arisaka ,as is at least one good magnifier (I have some small hand held,a couple clip mounted ones and two of the large lighted ones with the spring loaded swing arm on the bench).
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