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Could not resist taking a wing off since I had one of Rodents rifles here. I took some pictures but for some reason I can't post them. The tail of the spring is held in a small dove tail groove and there is a punch mark to stake the spring in. You have to be very careful in pushing the spring back out of the dovetail. The spring looks like the @ sign if you straighten the tail out. First take the wing screw out, take the broke piece of spring out and insert the replacement. You will have to use a small punch to get the spring to the proper place. Clamp the sight someway so that you can use a punch to put the stake back where the original stake was. Put the wing back on and you got it. Its not as easy as I just made it. If I had a replacement slider I would use it and let someone else way down the road worry about the inspection mark.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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