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In my experience interchangability on rear sight parts can be sketchy. If you have a nagoya rifle use nagoya parts, mostly for originality but also because the japanese rifle parts are not as interchangable as US weapons. Sometimes still I have put a complete TK slider on a TK rifle only to have it not lock into the notch when all the way down, and on later rifles with the square cut base it can prevent the leaf from folding all the way down. My shooter type 99 is a kokura 21st that for one reason or another is missing the RH slider button, screw and spring. I found a complete kokura rear sight assembly to cannabalize and about 4 times a year for the last 6 years I have quested into the basement to try and get it together, I have yet to succeed. The wing springs are just a pain, and not worth the effort IMO. My only attempt to remove one broke the spring.
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