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I had a broken AA wing spring on a really nice early Nagoya. After reading about it here, figured it would be best and easiest to buy a new slider and replace the whole thing. So I got one from Numrich and it turned out to be a dog... the finish did not match (bluing not as deep, some minor surface rust) and it was actually bent up pretty good.

So I took a brass punch and knocked the broken remnants of the old spring out of the original slider, harvested just the spring from the Numrich donor, and installed it in the original slider. It went surprisingly well and looks much better.

The spring is flared at one end, like the leg on a pair of bell bottoms, so it only goes in and out one way easily. Once I positioned it by hand, I maintained some pressure on it downward to keep it from popping out, and just tapped it in gently with a brass punch and hammer (to avoid marring the finish). It's as good as new now. Attached is a pic to help visualize it.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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