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Info on type 99 rifle needed

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The rifle I am concerned about is a type 99 listed on MROJ Honeycutt's book 5th edition page 122. It is the rifle with the 2 circle insignias above the type 99. The rifle does not appear to have been ground and the circles look very crisp. The rifle has a monopod and a plum handled bolt. I hate to give this vague information, but it is all I have at this time. Is there a price range I should be looking at paying if it is matched? From what I have read, it is a government rifle but not military. I have no idea what that means... is that a school or meant for civilian use meant for invasion? Last question is what series would this be and the correct name?


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Thank you Vicsato, Are these rifles rare and what would be a fair price range?
Rare, no; scarce yes. Do some research on closed online auctions, for "concentric circle rifles".

I've quit giving "estimates"; I'm always wrong and everyone wants to argue about value!
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