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The rifle I am concerned about is a type 99 listed on MROJ Honeycutt's book 5th edition page 122. It is the rifle with the 2 circle insignias above the type 99. The rifle does not appear to have been ground and the circles look very crisp. The rifle has a monopod and a plum handled bolt. I hate to give this vague information, but it is all I have at this time. Is there a price range I should be looking at paying if it is matched? From what I have read, it is a government rifle but not military. I have no idea what that means... is that a school or meant for civilian use meant for invasion? Last question is what series would this be and the correct name?



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Hi Sarge :

There are 3 possible makers all with early features, out of the five known versions only one uses the second series kana marking, the others do not use a series marking. You need to provide the serial number on the left receiver and the arsenal marking. You can get all that from page 13 of the book you made reference to.
Double circle marked arms were government property as in embassies, courts, municipal buildings.

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Thank you Vicsato, Are these rifles rare and what would be a fair price range?
Rare, no; scarce yes. Do some research on closed online auctions, for "concentric circle rifles".

I've quit giving "estimates"; I'm always wrong and everyone wants to argue about value!
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