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Anders has been selling the Elit front inserts for $10 each in the past when available . I see the Dutchman just sold a pair for over $50 on EBAY . So , get them when you can . Somewhere I saw a post about someone cutting Elit inserts on a laser machine in the USA at a fair price , but they were not offered to anyone else . Just a matter of programing the laser & you can cut them at any time . If the shop does small orders .

There are other front sights with inserts made like the Anshutz inserts ( two tabs ) . Brownells sells a set of 10 different types of inserts for $20 , made by Lee Shaver ( .675" diameter ) . These are really cut to fine lines . I prefer the thicker Elit inserts myself . These front sights have no name , so it may be hard to get one that uses Anshutz inserts . If the seller can measure the insert & tell you the size , then you will have the correct one for Anshutz inserts . I see this type that clamps around the front sight base & not the barrel as with the Elit . Some others use either 16m/m or .625" diameter inserts .
In the USA:
Distant Thunder
O'Hara Tool, Inc.
W8515 County Road N
PO Box 138
Niagara WI 54151
Email: [email protected]

They makes custom inserts for front sights for different manufacturers for BPCR shooting. (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle)
Jim makes his own sights...and they are beautiful!
If you have a drawing or template they can make sight inserts for you including personal changes you desire.
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