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CG63 from m/94

I know I'm getting into this thread very late... But many thanks again to Arilar for answering a question in my mind that I never thought could be answered.

QUOTE "FSR had in 1964 and 1965 applied for carbine m/94 (probably meaning m/94 or 94-14) to be given,and forwarded to FFV, from Swedish Government to be used to build CG 63. Answers came 14th of May 1964 and 7th of May 1965 and each time 5000 m/94 was given."

This information is what I needed to judge the history of my CG63 as one of the first 5000 built at CG. I believe Arilar's info indicates the m/96 conversions came afterward (1966 on). Arilar should write a book, or start a web site on Swedish Mausers!

Here is a 1915 m/94 conversion from 1964:
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