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I recently satisfied my yen for a "sporterized" mod 96 Swede and got a Husqvarna 46 from Allens Armory. At first a checkered pistol grip and smooth forend seemed strange but I quickly got used to it. The rifle is absolutly beautiful, primarily because of the outstanding piece of walnut on this one. It is in 9.3x57, a reloading cartridge for all practical purposes. Just ask for ammo in a gun shop, esp one of the big boxes and see what kind of looks you get.

I recently took my wife home to Ga to visit her mother and took it along, but could not find a public range in middle Ga so did not get to shoot it there, After getting back home I contracted a cold and a lingering cough so have not felt like shooting at all, so it remains virgin territory for me. In the meantime I have been glass bedding as the factory bedding looks a bit rough, although I cannot say much for my glass job ( first time) so need to add a bit more to fill a few voids. It's still a bit cold and windy here for a good range day sow will wait until I am feeling better plus I am also waiting for a peep sight for a new little Marlin cl in 32-20 I got for the wife.

As far as a scope and old eyes I am 63 and the position of the rear sight seems perfect to me, I do have some eye problems, nearsighted as well as detached viterous humor in each eye resulting in numerous uncountable floaters in each eye which I just have to ignore.
This rifle is to light and trim to think about scoping, and the way it fits does not seem to be designed for scope use. I would not think about drilling and tapping for scope, prefering to leave this one totally original, except for the bedding.
As soon as I get to shoot it I will post my Impression
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