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IMPORTANT - Gather up your stuff!

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We're starting over with blank pages here. Since there was a lot of good info posted in all the old threads on the old forum, I suggest a united effort to bring here the essential stuff.
One person can't do it by himself, and besides, we all have different preferences.

Mauser22's rimfire posts, kriggevaer's S&L posts, LeeSpeed's bullet tests and countless other good threads really deserve being rescued.

So when you have a few minutes to spare, head over to and bring back YOUR favourite threads. That way we should be able to restore at least some of the good posts.

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maybe a cd of the old forum could be offered for sale. then there would be no worries as none of it would be lost. :D
Switching off boards prematurely...

Tuco and Vic seem hellbent to frustrate our efforts. :-(

Ah yes. But the old-old forum still works.

Haha, this is slightly confusing, but also entertaining, in a desperate sort of way. :eek:

Important notice concerning pictures

Desperate.... uhhh, yes, that's how I feel.

Dear Pettson, I have seen your beautiful reposts. Apparently you use some kind of screenprint option? It looks striking.

But be aware that all your nice pictures will go away after 18 days, forever; because these images still link to the repository on the old server.

Yes I know. I moved the posts first, will deal with saving the pictures and editing the threads next...

A lot of work, but it needs doing...

The threads were copied, using Firefox, in printer friendly mode from the old-old forum, and pasted in here. Don't know how, but they turned out in that nice way.
I just wish they'd keep the old picture uploads as a database...

I'm a bit short for time at the moment, so if someone could help me locate and transfer mauser 22's posts on the rimfire rifles I would be eternally grateful...

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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