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Image Request for Japanese Self-loading Rifle Article.

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Hello All,

I am currently working on an article about Japanese self-loading rifle development before and during WWII for Ian Skennerton's International Arms and Militaria Collector magazine. I was hoping that forum members might be interested in providing me with close-up and full length pics of rifles in their collections or those to which they might have photographic access. I am looking for shots of the Japanese Pedersen, Type 4, and NSS prototypes especially. In addition to full-length pictures I am interested in close-up shots of the receivers and actions. Anyone who wishes to submit pics will be acknowledged by name in the article once it is published.

Thanks for your help.


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Gunnar, can't help you with the pre WW II auto loaders, but have a page and a half of GOOD photos of the current Japanese "assault" weapon, one page will be in the April B'zai. It shows the rifle, assembled and disassembled, close up of receiver, etc. If you have any need for this, use as a comparison, whatever, let me know. Doss
Hi Doss,

Thanks for the reply. I presume by "current Japanese 'assault' weapon'" you mean the Type 89 rifle as used by the JSDF. I hope, being that its pictured in the April issue that it's not a.....uh....'seasonal joke' if you will....

All the same, I would be happy to have a few Type 89 pics - if that's what you mean - since you offered. It might be a nice way to finish the photographic aspect of the article by showing the current-issue legacy of pre and intra-war auto-loading rifle development in Japan.

I've found some pics of a Type 4 from an on-line auction house and another from a prior thread on this board but I'd feel a lot better getting permission to include some images first, hence this thread and my appeal. I've PM'd Fred Honeycutt to see if I could use some images he has in MROJ of the pre-war auto-loading rifles as well as pics he posted some time ago showing one of the NSS proto-types he owns but did not receive an answer from him.

If you can think of anyone else I could make enquiries to on the matter outside this board please PM me.

Thanks again for your help.


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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