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I decided to buy 2 of these when they were posted a few weeks ago. One for myself that I will shoot eventually and one as a wall hanger for my father in law. I would pick the best of the 2 for myself and fiddle with the other.

When I got them one was in very good to exceptional shape. There was only one missing part, nipple, and the stock was complete with only a few dings. The only broken part was the sear spring that I discussed in another thread.

I was thinking about a step by step picture post with pics as I went but with Norm and Tommy's posts i thought that was unnecessary. I am not reinventing the wheel here.

It came apart and cleaned up very easily so I will only hit the high points for those interested in these things.

I took down the gun to its lowest level of dissassembly. I soaked all the small parts in a tub of penetrating oil. I sprayed the barrel with WD-40 and worked it over with 0000 steel wool till it was clean. I did not removed any of the great patina (browning) just got the crud off.

The stock I started with DA on 0000 steel wool to get the chunky grime. Then I used some commercial biodegradeable paint stripped. It is water based and not a strong chemical concoction. It recommend gloves but I didnt wear any with no ill affects. I had to put it on about 4 times as it was pretty tame stuff, but it took the wood down to the original finish without being harsh. I wanted the wood to look old, but well cared for, so i left the wrist a little dark etc. where the oils would accumulate. I used some walnut stain and a few coats of BLO. Then I put on 2 coats of 1/3 mix and called it done.

The lock went together pretty quickly and easily and I only had to fit the new sear spring. I went into detail in the other thread but I got it from DGW for $4.50 and I had to thin the width for a good trigger pull, and shorten it a little.

I got it all put back together last night and I have to say it is looking good. It still looks like it went around the block a few times, but has been loved, which is a far cry from where it started.

I know, I know this thread is worthless without pics, I will try and get some up soon.

I am still working on the wall hanger as it was in worse shape. I will post a similar description and pics in this thread when its done.

Just want to say thanks again to Tommy and Norm, their threads really motivated me to pick these guns up.
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