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Hi All,

I visited the new IMA store this morning and I was not disappointed. There are two showrooms, one of which contains many miscellaneous military items and then a much larger room that houses the firearms, including two Bira guns. There is a large number of Martini's, mostly untouched Mk II's and Gahendras. There are also racked Sniders and some demilled rolling blocks, as well as a good selection of demilled machine guns. There are also premium quality rifles hanging on the wall. I wanted an untouched long lever and there was only one in the rack, so one of the guys brought out three more for me to look at. The one I selected, is in amazingly fine condition, except for a very small, easliy repairable crack at the butt end. The wood, otherwise, has no dents, or scratches. All of the markings are clear and legible. They checked the rifle for function and missing parts and no problems were found. I also was able to get the brass butt plate screw for my MK IV, Type C.

The price of my rifle was $450.00, and considering its fine condition, is a great value. I do recommend bringing a pair of rubber gloves, because some of those guns are crusty!

Overall, it was a great visit. We were well looked after and the chance to freely examine the rifles, pick the one I wanted, made it well worth the trip.

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