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Sniders turned up in Canada at least by the 1870's and were used out West in Reil's Rebellions [both 1870's/80's], and may have floated around in private hands afterwards. After the Martini came in they were relegated to Colonial troops.
Actually, Canada was one of the first parts of the Empire to receive Snider-Enfield rifles, because of the Fenian Raids emergency, and virtually all of our military forces were equipped with them by the end of 1867 ....

Except for very limited issue, Canadian troops never did get the Martini-Henry (nor the Magazine Lee-Metford rifle, for that matter) .... instead, our niggardly government retained the Snider-Enfield as our primary-issue military rifle until 1897-98, when the Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle was finally adopted ....
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