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If you went to a Gun show with $600????

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What would you be looking for?

An M1 Garand?? An realy nice AR-15 Kit???? Or maybe a Nice AK varient like AK-74 or PSL???? CETME?

Or would you save it for somthing a little nicer.
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If you are really wanting to stay at or around $600, you can't go wrong with a CMP "service grade" M1 Garand. I hear that their current batch of Springfields and H&R Garands in "service grade" condition are really nice. Furthermore, at $600, you really won't ever have to worry about throwing your money away on something that'll depreciate in value. I have a Winchester M1 Garand that came from the CMP several years ago as a "service grade" rifle, and it shoots wonderfully and is in nice condition. A nice M1 carbine may be another option from the CMP.

Another rifle to consider would be the French MAS 49 series of semi-automatic rifles. The MAS 49/56 carbine is commonly found for under $400, and with careful searching, you might even be able to locate the uncommon MAS 49 rifle for under $600.

Other than these, you might be able to locate a Hakim. At $600, you'll likely be dealing with a lot of Century builds, which I haven't heard great things about. An Arsenal AK-47 would run about $700, and I've heard lots of great things about those. Personally, if I had $600, I'd save a bit more and find a good Arsenal AK, an FAL, or an SVT-40. The prices on the SVT-40 rifles are dropping a bit right now, and they are really interesting rifles with a lot of history. FALs can be a bit expensive, but I've seen several nice rifles sell for less than $1000 with Imbel receivers.

Needless to say, you have a lot of good options. It's just a matter of what YOU are interested in.
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Gen-u-wine #5 Enfield in nice (un-refinishded) shape before I need to take $800.00 for the same darn thing.:grin:
I actually did this exact thing this morning.
South Austin gun show with 657 dollars.

I bought a bag of jerky.

Gun shows used to be the place to go to find the deals on weapons, but since the big shortage/scare of last year, the gun show booths (for the most part) still think they can charge an arm and a leg for their guns. The biggest thing I can't shake from today is a guy who tried to sell his used WASR 10 underfolder for 600 dollars, claiming that the Romanian was the best AK and that they "had all dried up". I even went so far as to go and get a Shotgun News and show that a brand new one from century ran 400, but he wasn't hearing it.

The average going price for ak-74's was 650-700 dollars, while you can get one at centerfire systems for 350. SKS rifles were still in the 500 range. The AR/HK/Ruger semi rifles were all still above a thousand dollars. Disgusting.

Bolt guns were not as bad, but they were still ridiculous. I don't care what you say, a Mosin Nagant 91-30 that has no particular history or interesting markings is not worth 275 dollars. I found a nice M39 for 325, that was appropriate. I also found an svt-40 for 500 dollars, I liked that as well. The Czech and Yugo Mausers were priced appropriately, but of lower quality. Enfields were all about 150 dollars too high.

There was only one Garand under 700 dollars, and it wasn't the greatest shape. It was a Korean era rifle, and looked like someone drug it behind them as they fled the Chosin reservoir.

I have a suspicion about all of this. As you all know, guns and ammo all but dried up in the winter of 08 through the late summer of '09. It was then when I saw gun shows begin to resemble high-end auction houses. Now rifles and ammo have been heavily imported, and I suspect there may be a surplus, as cabelas does all but throw ammo crates at me everytime I go in. Most folks don't know this I suppose, and still kindly fork over their money for double the price of a weapon. I saw a fella pay 1200 dollars for a Romak 3 PSL, and I bought one the next week online for 719. Now they're 599, and I feel like I got burned. :D
I once loved the gun show, it was like a giant amalgamation of people, stories, and unusual or rare weapons. Now it seems (at least the one's Ive been to) that it's the dime-a-dozen weapons trying to be sold at the premium gun's price. WASR is not Arsenal Inc, and 91 30 nagants are not numbers-matching k-98's.

I used to think people would fork out all this extra dough so that they wouldn't have their newest toy on the registered owner list, but now most booths have one fill out the transfer form. There's no way in hell I'm going to pay 600 dollars for a century build WASR.
I bought some home made jerky and went online. I bought the Bulgy ak 74, a thousand rounds of 5.45x 39, and a new wheel bearing for my truck. Definitely the better choice.
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Wow those guys suck. Im glad it isnt that bad here. i can get Nice mosin 91 30s for $120 - $150. SKSs are on the low side $200-300 range. I havnt priced an AK in a while. $600 is insane. That guy was a D-bag. Or he bought it for that much. Anyway shame on him. Ammo should be cheaper. Sorry you got burned on your PSL.
I took $1000 to the Indy show today, 100 miles.

Didn't even buy jerky.
Was tempted by a couple Imperial Lugers. bot got too many now.

Big crowd, lots of guns, high prices.
Lots of tactical crapola, lts of wannabees weaing same.
I remember when shows were fun.
Go in with low expectations, don't get yourself all worked up. There are still bargains and deals to be had at even the worst gun show. Patience grasshopper.
Damn... quite a few negative waves being strewn about! High gun show prices aren't some conspiracy, and sooner or later, the dealers will have to lower their prices if buyers don't like their offerings.

I've had a great time at all the gun shows I've been to. I guess it's all about your mindset and expectations. At a local gun show in the beginning of this month I picked up a really nice KBI import Russian SKS complete with all its accessories for $350 OTD. Seemed like a very fair price to me. The same show had several other great deals, including an "Irish contract" Enfield No.4 Mk.2 in very good condition complete with matching bayonet for $275. The dealer also had a REALLY nice Manurhin (AKA Walther) post-war P38 for $300 with two magazines and its original holster. It didn't even have any import marks. There were other good deals I'm sure. The show before that my brother found a STG-58 Austrian FAL built on an Imbel "gear logo" receiver for $575. Just today I visited a show and found several goodies at good prices: a new hold-open catch for a CZ-52 pistol for $10 ($20 part from Numrich), two MAS 49/56 magazines for $15 each, and a few other spiffy things at a TINY militaria/gun show nearby. Heck, I had a better time at this tiny show compared to shoving my way through the aisles at Tulsa.

Perhaps you guys just need to find some better shows?
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The way prices are probably an M1 or a few Mosin-Nagant's.
If you take 600 bucks to a gunshow in Florida, you'll get $300 worth of stuff for it ..........
I took 600 and a revolver to sell last month, got 200 for it, and my wife made a deal and got me a legit #s matching K98 for 800. I guess that kinda makes up for getting hosed and paying 1400 for my wifes S&W m&P15x last year.
Go in with low expectations, don't get yourself all worked up. There are still bargains and deals to be had at even the worst gun show. Patience grasshopper.
Thankyou Sensai Im trying not to rush headlong into this. I would like to walk out with most of the 600 if I dont see anything. I do need some small stuff. Hi point mags AR followeers and trigger springs Ammo for a good price. I should watch the carry in guys.
I would've tried to sell something for another fifty and then bought a SVT-40. I passed one up yesterday at that price because I need the money for other projects.
I went to a little gunshow here in FLYOVER CENTRAL yesterday. I'm not sure how much money I had with me. But I'm sure I'd be able to buy almost anything that might really interest me. My interests are small and cheap. I saw a really nice 4 digit series 27 type 99. Beautiful rifle, sporterised stock, turned down bolt handle, $150 dollar parts gun now. I bought 2 new Colt 20 rd. mags @ $15 and went home with my money for the next show.
Good find on the Type 99. I have just upped my Funding to $850. Any other thoughts now that I am a contender ( LOL ) ;) ??????????
"Gun shows used to be the place to go to find the deals on weapons, but since the big shortage/scare of last year, the gun show booths (for the most part) still think they can charge an arm and a leg for their guns."

Come to West Bend this weekend and stop by my table. I generally sell at what I paid (and I watch for bargains!) or at a slight loss. My prices are fair and you don't pay shipping and FFL fees.
Generally the best buys at gunshows are people carrying in stuff. You can sometimes get some real good buys on people selling gramps' guns. Go to a show with no expectations, look at the neat stuff, talk guns with fellow collectors, and if you find something you like consider it a plus. For the $4.00 entry fee it's a pretty good bargain.
Last 2 i attended had nothing but overpriced junk.
At that particular show, I'd have probably came home with $500 less and an SVT-40.

Around here, that's a really good price.
I already done this and i came home with a Russian SVT-40 Tokarev that was unissued but its a refurb too with the purple bolt carrier. It was never fired and all the gas parts are brand new. It was one of those things I couldn't pass up.

Now i just go browsing for something different that i don't have yet.
Screw the gunshows. They're still trying to sell AR's for $900 that can be had online for $700. Save a little more $ and get yourself a nice Garand from the CMP. Nothin' says love like "PING !". Good luck.
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