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JPS: Sweet! And nice hunting, too!!! Since the question was only 1...but, if I get two more it would by my Python and a Casull! When I lived in Montana, most anybody had one (I could only afford an Anaconda at the time...Also, I would add that you can fit a Freedom Arms 454 with a 45LC cylinder as an option.)

This one is an easy call for me.

Hands down it would be my Freedom Arms .454 Casull with iron sights.

I used it one deer season in Texas to shoot Whitetails with a fixed 4X LER scope, but have done all of my other hunting with this revolver using just the standard adjustable iron sights.

It's an amazingly accurate handgun with tremendous power, which is great for big game hunting, once you come to understand firsthand just exactly what it can and can't do.

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Since we're only talking one revolver in this thread, the .454 Casull would be it for me. However I would sorely miss my SP101 .357 Mag.

It shoots extremely well and with the hot hand-loads I carried in Zim, that 200 grain solid-jacketed silhouette bullet will penetrate like you wouldn't believe! And adequate penetration is what you need with a handgun, combined with a knowledge of which shots you should or shouldn't take.

I'll climb down off my soap-box now with apologies to the crowd. ..... ;>)

Warmest regards,


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Never shot bigger than my anaconda..29’s...
now just 44 special My biggest cal.
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