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This is the response I got from the folks at Green Products Company. Looks like it would come out to just under a dollar a pound. Seems like a decent price to me.


I received a deluge of sample requests over the course of the last few days and my guess is that our website was mentioned on a shooter’s bulletin board. Everyone who requested samples is receiving this message as a Bcc. Our business is based upon a scale measured in truckload quantities. Although it is not practical to send samples to prospects who will likely buy a bag at a time, I am a shooter and would like to be of some assistance to all of you. Following is information that should be of some help:

1.) Lyman sells 1014, Midway sells 1420 and Dillon sells 1014

2.) 1014, 1420 & 2040 are available in 40 lb. bags.

3.) Photos showing the relative size differences are available at our website. Go to “Products” then to “Grit”

4.) When shipping individual bags, we box them and ship via UPS

5.) In the lower 48, the delivered price is $38 /bag except for CA, WA, & OR where the price is $48 / bag (the price difference is b/c of higher UPS rates)

6.) We accept Visa & MC only.

7.) To place an order, email the name as it appears on the credit card, physical address and telephone number along with the qty and grade. Then call with your credit card number.

8.) Call 800-247-7807

Gregg at ext. 1230

Sarah at ext. 1229

Best regards,

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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