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This is how you feed the troll. Any thread started by speck, chasdev of BRussel on his domm-n-gloom rant should be resoundingly ignored, no comments, nothing.

There is no glory in saying 'nyah-nyah-nyah' which is what all this RuPaul twat is about. RuPaul is hardly the banner carrier for the Republican party. Palin is a much better choice, having a standard of leadership that is polarizing enough to delineate the core, ideal, difference between Dem and Repub. The choice has got to be clear, and the choice cannot include a fossil whose 17th century mindset has not allowed his practical rthinking to invade any thoughts or debates he has.

RuPaul has always been teh lunatic candidate that traps the idealists and loons. The idealists see the error of their way and leave him to the dustbin of history, while the loons adhere even more ardently to his coat tails.
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