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If I could have but one---

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It would have to be this one. Why? Because it's so well made and it's simply beautiful!


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Nice looking rifle...., very nice. The old school little scopes are even sweet too. They sure wrote a lot on those receivers though.
I like my Arsenal milled rifles, although the "one" I'd keep is my UF'er Maadi.
I love the Arsenal ones too! I can't go the long barrels and ESPECIALLY the 45 degree gas blocks now....
type 96 ,
so true if i could have just one . i do and yes they are the best very tough to find and if you do a hefty price. not alot of them she is beautifull. mine is my queen of my collection. good luck
I wonder what happen that axe's original butt stock ... and, yup, she's a stunner alright. Does anyone have a pic they would post of the original nose cone these rifles were shipped with?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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