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I recently bought these - tagged only as "8mm rifle barrels". They appear to be Mauser barrels so I'm hoping someone here can tell me about them.

The one on the top measures 23 1/4" in length and retains a mount for the rear sight as well as the front sight. Just forward of the threads on the top of the barrel is the number 98. On the bottom of the barrel between the threads and the rear sight mount is an E followed closely by what looks like a Japanese/Chinese character then the number 36. There's an 8 below that info. The rifling is very clear but I would not say that the finish is super.

The second barrel is slightly longer at 23 1/2" in length and the sights have been removed. Just forward of the threads it says ch45843 followed by a capital R with a circle around it. That is followed by an asterisk-type star. Also of note is that some would-be engraver as practiced a bit on this barrel, adding 7 leafs and vines in various detail. The bore on this one is in better condition.

Any info you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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