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ID my Webley

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Hey, can anyone identify the markings on this Webley of my father's? I can't find a hard and fast guide to the markings and I was directed here. It has the crows feet/arrow stamped on all moving parts. It is a relatively low serial number 1xxxx. There are two six-sided Stars of David just above the trigger. But what really has me confused is that it is stamped "Webley Mark I" just in front of the aforementioned stars. But it has the parts added in front of the cylinder that screw on, right at the breakdown hinge (sorry, I can't really figure out their function, perhaps the auto extractor?) that you don't see on any of the Mk I pictures I've seen, but do see on Mk IVs. It has "1914" stamped right below "Webley Mark I" which is late for a Mark I. I understand that there is a possibility that it is a Mark IV, with a "V" so light it is invisible, I can't see see any traces of it if it was there at all. It also isn't stamped in the usual places that Mark IVs are. It also has several crowns stamped in various places with B or BV stamped under, and 68 below that. I know it was altered to fire .45 ACP/Autorim at some point (don't worry, I will not be shooting it). If anyone could tell me anything about this pistol, or what the markings mean it would be great. Thanks.

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You have a MK I **. Those stars mean that certain improvements have been made by military armorers. The most obvious improvement was the later cylinder retainer. The oversize broad arrow means it was used by the navy.
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