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I wear my t-14 rig on my belt into the Piggley Wigglley

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Alabama is an "Exposed Carry" state, the law says you can carry your handgun in the open without a permit. The NRA lists 'Bama as an Exposed Carry State, a permit is needed to carry concealed. Okiedokee, if you will send me that early Tokyo 14 you "stole" from me and a holster and shoulder strap I'll see what the folks at the Pig say/do? The radio jock that was discussing this said you would probably get arrested and the pistol confiscated, you would probably have to hire a lawyer to get it back, but if the law is clear I don't know why you couldn't just show the judge the law. But since it would be Okiedokee's pistol he might want to chip in for a "mouth piece."

The mutt's post on high capacity mags in Komifornia reminded me of last weekend. I was stopped for speeding doing 95 on the Interstate coming back from shooting and before writing the ticket the officer saw the AK on the Miata's passenger seat. He said in an overly stern voice, "Do you have a high capacity mag for that thing." I said, "No boss." He said "You wait there," walked back to his car, opened the trunk, grabbed a bag, walked up to my window and handed me three 30 round mags from the bag. He then said, "Get out of here and don't let me catch you with those sissy 5 rounders again, and SLOW DOWN." If I'm lying I'm dying.
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95 Miles an Hour????

Was the Miata being towed by a Ford?
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