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I was bored today....

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First post on the Smoke Pole forum.
I've been around black powder for about 20 years or so and do F&I and Rev War re-enactments. It was nice out so I thought I'd drag some stuff out, oil it down and share it with you wonderful people. I like this forum and the way people respond and help each other out. I have found it to be very informative.
Here's some of my collection:
A South Bend Replica British 3 Pounder on a Naval Platform. I want to build a field carriage for it as it's a pain to move around as is. The tube weighs close to 250lbs. 2.25 inch bore. Lots of smoke and lots of noise.
A couple mortars
A 1 1/4" swivel gun. Also makes lots of noise and smoke and will shatter the living room window when fired outside on the 4th of July.
On the blanket:
A Loyalist Arms 62 cal blunderbuss that really needed work to make work
A cut down Pederosoli 2nd Model Bess
A Second Model Jap Bess (S/N 242, a real early one) Works great
A CenterMark Kit that I reworked into a Grenadier's Fusil that takes a bayonet.
A Track Of The Wolf French Fusil Kit, 62 cal
Matt Avance built Fusil, 62 cal
Joel Gardner built Fusil Fin, S/N #5, 62 cal
Lyman Great Plains 54 Cal rifle
Older CVA 50cal Hawken
ASM 1860 Colt
Navey Arms Remingtom
EMF Hartford Series 1860 Colt, Nickle Silver trigger guard, Cartuoched grips, nice finish..blah..blah...blah
Does anyone here know Joel Gardner of Maine? I'd like to know a little more about this Fusil. It's the pride of my flintlocks.
Hope you've enjoyed my posting.
Thank You,


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Good looking Black Powder Toys. Thanks for sharing your collection.

Mark B
Great collection time to make some smoke and get it on flim to show
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