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I think I got the "SKS bug"

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'52 Tula

'54 Tula

'55 Tula (in the mail)


(Sold within 24 hours of finishing)

I got two or three more in the pipe as of tonight.

Anyone else ever get affected by these things like this?:eek:
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Great looking Russian SKS's. How is the recoil pad affixed to the 54 Tula. I assume it's there to add some length to the stock? Very nice looking laminate stock on the 55 Tula.

The recoil pad is attached with the original length screws and allows access to the cleaning kit. It does add a bit of length to the stock.

The '55 is due to arrive next week. Couldn't resist a '55 with a look like that!
3 of 4 here too...
and I've also been bitten!

Calm down, boys, there ain't no "#4" anymore. That one came and went faster'n a minnow can swim a dipper. It's helping pay for more Russians.;)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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