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I was testing out my new Beretta 21A yesterday and had an odd thing happened,was satisfied it shoots good enough for any uses I'd have for it then decided to try some shot loads I keep around for snakes or for use against things like rats inside a building where I don't wish to put any holes in walls and such.

I thought it might not have enough "oomph"; to get the shell all the way ejected and jam so I wanted to see if I needed to take the mag out when I used these to avoid any hassle.

well I shot it and it didn't eject at all,I thought that'd work just need a way to get the case out,well when I got it out I found the case had split! this is strange since I've never had a CCI shotshell split except for that time I used one in a .22 Mag revolver.....

Going to try it again today but I was wondering if anybody else had stuffed these in a 21A and had a split? not really a problem as it didn't blow junk all over me just got it crammed in the barrel fairly tight.

Beyond that the things are some of the dirtiest ammo I've shot in any .22
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