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I need an m41b expert please!!!

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Hello, I need to speak with an m41b guru. I recently acquired one and have some urgent questions and concerns. at first I was pleased with it, but upon closer inspection I am beginning to question my initial judgement. I would post some photo's but I can't figure out how to do so.I have lots and lots of high quality photo's and will be happy to email them to anyone who knows about m41's. my email address is [email protected] if someone could please help I would be very greatful! Thanks for your time and consideration.

Merry Christmas!

John from Texas
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Yes, the serial # on your base was scrubbed at some point in time. However, the font on the base and mount are the same. Many M41 parts were recycled when these snipers were converted into M41bs. We see scrubbed numbers, overstamped numbers, on lots of Swedish Mausers. Also, towards the last of the M41b sniper program, the Swedes did not bother to keep all the various non critical parts matching. If your sniper has a matching bbl, scope mount and bolt/parts, you are probably as good as your can get from Samco at this point in time. You can certainly send the rifle back for an exchange, I think you need to contact Samco first, however. Can you post some more pics of your rifle, so we can get a overall look at it? Here's the two M41b Oberndorf snipers I received from Samco back in 2005. BBls, mounts, bolts, and scope cans match, rest of parts do not. They are both superbly accurate. Dr Johnny Fever shot a 3/4 in 5 shot group, at 100yds, with one of them the first time he shot it. So, don't give up, do what you have to do to get your rifle right. Get it fixed, or send it back, whatever, because years from now, they will not be available except at great cost.;) Oh ya, btw, I'm no expert, I'm still just a pert.
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Very interesting!

The red in the disc recess in your stock is interesting. Barrels that were found to be not servicable had the disc removed and the recess filled with red wax, or paint. The rifle was then removed from service and either sold off or rebarreled. I don't think I have ever heard of a Swede sniper with the red wax. How is the bore in this rifle? Is the stock serial# matching?
Replacement stock

Many of the Swedish snipers have had their stocks replaced. Both of mine are replacements. Many of the snipers have the new Beech stocks like mine, some are stamped matching, many are not. Most times the metal, bands, buttplates, are from the replacement stock and not the parts from the original rifle. This was done by the Swedes. Again, the Swedes did not bother to keep all the non essential parts matching in the last years of the M41b program. Samco bought all of the Swedish inventory of snipers, and spares. They have rifles for sale without scopes. That they used their inventory of spare parts to ready some of the rifles that were missing scopes/rings I would say , probably. Doesn't really matter, anyway, to me, as the scope numbers are not matching or recorded on the rifles. To say that Samco built M41bs out of standard M96 rifles is nothing but rumormongering and conjecture. It would be nigh on to impossible to do this. The M41bs have metal that is coated with "Dulite" Black, not blue, as is on the M96 rifles. It is easy to spot the difference. When Samco first started selling these snipers they picked out the all matching ones and sold them, then got down to the nonmatching ones, and more worn ones. Many of us in recent years have received as new snipers, with replacement non matching stocks and metal. These often have inventory tags from late 1980 and 1990s They are some magnificent, unfired since refurb snipers. Samco has been shipping out rifles such as these as recent as a year ago. I dont know what they have left yet, But beleive that as soon as they run out, the prices on these magnificent Swedish M41b snipers will start to climb rapidly. I think your rifle, John, is a very interesting peice. It has lots of history to it. And once you get it dialed in, I have no doubt it will be very accurate. Good luck, Duane
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Naw, you need to send that thing back!

I feel sorry for all the guys that have not gotten one of these M41bs, thinking that Samco is all out of good ones..... Looks like you got yourself one hell of a shooter, John, Congratulations!!!! PS, that penny is too cool!:cool:
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