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I need a grey blanket

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I don't understand the concept. Burns has mosin m91 bayonets for around $50, but this one is on a grey blanket so I'll pay $90?
Nothing against Mark, more power to him, but a fool and his money are soon parted....there must be a ton more fools in this country than I thought there were.
I think the real reason I'm confused/upset/dismayed/whatever is he's had some items I've wanted but bidding went past what I wanted to pay.....far past what I wanted to pay.
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Welcome to Capitalism,the concept of supply and demand.:thumbsup:Sure some of his business practices are lets say shady,in the end he finds
buyers,willing to pay stupid money,for things they wouldn't if they did their homework.Then there's those who want something no matter what the cost.That's where he seems to have a magic touch.If more buyers did their research his prices would come back down to earth.Until then.............................................
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