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Greetings All;

"Obtained" one of these right before my tour was up. Could not get the Bring Back paperwork processed fast enough and I was not going to stick around and wait. I suspect that some REMF may have wanted it and slowed the paperwork down but .... If I had been able to get it back to the world, I would not ever sell it. Would have been like a priceless piece of art to me. The price that was paid to get it and the memories attached to it would have been beyond any amount of money, gold, silver, or gem. Man, I did not get it and do not have it but even thinking about it sent me down a trail I have not been down in long time. Legit Bring Backs are really something. I wish that I had just that one. (In a way I do, you'all just cannot see it.)

Remember and pray those who have served and are serving our county. Thanks.

MadDog 1969 3/3 Marines VietNam 1969 - 1971
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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