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I just bought a case of Yugo 1972 production for $113.50 from a local dealer because it's getting so hard to find, it was made in 72 the other stamp is 22 I assume thats the factory the dealer claims it's not corrosive but I will treat it as such right now my plans are just to stock pile it not open, can you tell me what the 22 means on the head stamp, it's steel core.

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Off the top of my head, I believe the '22' stamp corresponds to the soviet country code. Or it may be a factory number designation.

I have some 1977 Yugo 8mm that has that 22 stamp as well. Great shooting milsurp! I can't say the same abou the 50's yugo, though.


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What you have is Romanian 8mm mfgr. in 72. 22 is the Romanian headstamp.

This stuff has been around for years. AIM has some now.

It sold slow, when real Yugo ammo was around.

Now that Yugo ammo is drying up. The Romananian is selling well.

It is not the most desirable 8mm for Mausers. Light Ball 154 grain bullet. Most Yugo mausers and K98 will be more accurate with a 197 grain bullet.

It cycles exc. in most Mausers. It chronos a little puny, probably the reason it cyles so well in Yugo Mausers.

It is a little sooty.

Great stuff for plinking and silouhette shooting. Some have Mausers that seem to like it well.

Some say its very accurate, but "very accurate" is relative and needs to be defined. Hitting the old milk jug at fifty yards is
"very accurate" for some casual shooters. Nothing wrong with that as long as you know what you have.

Not consistant or accurate enough for paper target work.

It used to sell for a nickel per round. Now that 8mm is drying up it has gone up in price considerably.

Your dealer told you wrong. It is VERY corrosive, so clean accordingly.

I don't believe it is steel core. If it is magnetic, its from the jacket.

In gen. the long barrel mausers like LB better. IN GENERAL.
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