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and I wanted to post here to see if any member had the other two weapons. If so I would gladly make a copy of the capture papers so you could at least have a copy for your records and know a little bit more about your weapon and its history.

The soldier was Allen C. Young..

1) German Pistol, P-38, Ser. No. 602h, Cal. .38

1) German Pistol, Luger, Ser. No. 8969a, Cal. .38

1) Pair Binoculars

and then my Walther PPK.

If any member has either of these two weapons I would gladly get them a copy of the capture papers. I don't know that it would add value but it would be something nice to have. If there is any interest I will post pics of the Walther. I need to start posting here more. I have a small gun shop and I have quite a bit of ww2 German stuff (one display case) and would love to share what comes in with the other forum members.

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