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Trick is finding a pawn shop owner that's not necessarily up to speed. I found one such dude. He really had the handle on hand guns, but didn't know squat about shotguns. The day I wandered in, he had just received his license to sell the previous week, and I didn't see anything that interested me. I was looking for a shotgun for my son. There were several cases of handguns but nothing of interest to me. I was about to leave when I asked if he had anything else, and he responded "I did take in this Frenchy thing, its a shot gun but doesn't work." That got me... Shotgun that doesn't work?

The guy goes in back brings out a really nice Italian Franchi... How much I ask. Hundred bucks and its yours... Hold that thought sez I.. and I couldn't get to the ATM outside the door quick enough.

Long story short, it was filty with heavy automotive oil, I'm talking 10W40 slopped all over. This was all cleaned up, and the autoloader was given to my son, who absolutely loves it and has never had so much as a hiccup out of it. Actual worth is somewhere between 400-600 bucks. What it looks like....
Doubtful this story is repeated very often... but it does happen.

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