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I have to agree on Pawn Shops being potential gold mines.
The majority of my best buys have come from pawn shops, with a
much smaller percentage coming from gunshops. The added bonus
is that if you pick a category or two (tools, digital cameras, video games for me)
and learn pricing and how to evaluate these other items, you can increase
your chance for a score. In that last few years I probably spent $500 on supposedly
broken XBox 360s, and fixed and resold them for twice that amount, with
lots of extras for me and friends left over. Also, a few years ago I was on a digital camera spree in ATL pawn shops where I'd buy one, use it 6 mos or so, sell it for a profit
and buy another, then repeat.
I've been working on and off with another board member on a guide to pawn
shop buying. Maybe I'll post it one of these days...;))
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