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I hate Fed-Ex.....


Topic author: davef
Subject: I hate Fed-Ex.....
Posted on: 10/23/2006 11:10:02 AM
Last half-dozen guns that were sent fex-ex ,they just dropped them on the front deck and left them there!!! pisses me off to the max..even the USPS knocks on the door and gives packages to a person, or leaves a card rather than dumping them out in the weather, where anyone passing by could just take them...they did it again this Am ..Im at work and watching the fed-ex web page cause I knew I had stuff on the truck for delivery, sure enough,it pops up "delivered"..with the note " left on porch " ..this is Upper michigan its been rain and snow for a week, winter storm warnings for today and they dump a couple rifles on a exposed deck before daylight, without even bothering to tell anyone ,My G/F was in the house,with my guard chihuahua so they didnt knock or he'd have let her least this time i could call home to tell her to go get the stuff out of the weather ,but it still bugs the crap out of me....​


Reply author: PAdutchman
Replied on: 10/23/2006 12:39:41 PM
Tell me about it. Inter Ordinance shipped me a rifle on 10/12. I'm still waiting on FedEx. Was supposed to be delivered a week ago on the 16th. Been on the phone with them for a week. First the driver says no one at home to sign for it (that was bull), then he says the address doesn't exist, then the package has the wrong address on it. After I got all that squared away then they lost the package and couldn't find it. After I told them the package contained a firearm they went into overdrive to find it. Found it and it is suppose to be delivered today. We'll see. Meantime UPS has made two deliveries to my place in the last week.

Reply author: jarjarbinks11
Replied on: 10/23/2006 1:48:15 PM
this is the exact reason i use USPS to ship all of my items! i dont trust fedex or UPS. im hhvaing a rifle sent to me by HDL so i will see how that goes. hope you get your rifle dutchman

Reply author: hetai
Replied on: 10/23/2006 3:08:11 PM
You hate FedEx, I hate UPS...Well, they BOTH suck! I keep telling collectors to use the USPS to ship rifles, their Priority Mail is fast, reliable, efficient & cost-effective. Priority Mail arrives to almost anywhere in the lower 48 within 3 days and is THE way to ship a rifle. For some reason I occasionally here from someone that its illegal to mail a rifle... Not so! You can't mail a handgun, but mailing rifles is 100% legit and trouble-free compared to UPS/FedEx. Some collectors seem to be stuck on UPS though, perhaps just habit or ingorance.

Reply author: davef
Replied on: 10/23/2006 3:25:48 PM
USPS is the way Id prefer stuff comes...great service and reliable, 5 days to here from most places which is fine..and its cheaper and hassle free for the shipper.

Reply author: seinen
Replied on: 10/23/2006 3:36:52 PM
Can't agree more with the USPS method of shipping. USPS Priority Mail shipping is no more expensive than UPS or Fed Ex and packages arrive much sooner than either UPS or Fed Ex.


Reply author: Nagoya10
Replied on: 10/23/2006 6:13:14 PM
You can ship pistols USPS, it just has to be from an FFL to an FFL. I do not know if it has to be a DEALER FFL or if a C&R FFL counts the same, but I just sent a pistol to a dealer and I used my C&R FFL to send it with no problems.

It was much cheaper sending the pistol USPS. For registered mail, the most expensive way to send, and the most secure, it was only $18.35 from Illinois to Texas. And that was with insurance too.

Reply author: arisakadogs
Replied on: 10/23/2006 11:14:48 PM
I haven't had much to do with FedEx butI absolutely hate UPS. I think they enjoy battering packages. I use USPS Priority mail & have had great luck with them. I have a long rant list of bitches about UPS, but I'll spare you that. I don't know how they stay in business.

Reply author: davef
Replied on: 10/23/2006 11:23:38 PM
I did something new other guys might want to try it sometime it was almost fun and not too messy......I got my 2 newest rifles ready to unpack and then the clip board full of data sheets i hung by the work bench for just this purpose and as I unpacked each gun I filled out the data didnt even hurt much and was done in a few minutes,including clean up.

Reply author: RayG_Wisconsin
Replied on: 10/25/2006 12:09:39 PM
By far the best way to ship a rifle is USPS Registered mail. Your rifle is automatically insured for $25,000. In addition it has to be signed for by the receiving carrier each step of the way. This cuts down on theft and damage as the PO knows who's in posession of it each leg of the journey. The best part is, Registered mail only costs about $25.00 no matter the cost of your rifle. Try pricing the cost of insurance for a very expensive rifle and you will see this is a real bargin. The only requirement is that you use plain brown paper glue tape, (like used on carboard boxes), to cover all opening as the PO stamps the tape all over with a PO stamp to ensure the tape has not been tampered. It's classified as first class mail so will take about 4-5 days This is the way diamonds, large amounts of money etc. are shipped. Ask your post office clerk about this method, Ray

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