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If I didn't know any better I'd say it was the stock I sold someone about a year ago. I advertised it on Ebay as well; I only wanted @ $400.00 for it, just to cover costs on another project. If you look at the slight rise just before the barrel band ( in front of the rear sight ) it uncannily resembles the 1919 BSA Siamese contract rifle that I bought as a donor rifle. I cleaned up the timber and metalwork, did not "restore " anything, and then handed in the totally shot out, corroded, barrelled action, minus butchered Lithgow mismatched bolt,to the police. Got me in heaps of hot water, as in Tasmania, you are not allowed to strip rifles for parts to build up or restore another one. Officially it has to be done by a gunsmith, although we all know people who do it and just keep it quiet.

Maybe the buyer decided to cash in on the ridiculous prices they want for this stuff. Piece of history for sure, but worthless as a collectors piece. Kind of annoying too, if this really is the stock I sold in good faith to a budding collector jus to get him started........

The seller has commented on another forum, when a similar question was raised :

Hi Guys,
Funnily enough the stock set is my eBay listing!
I'm as shocked as you guys, I put it up expecting to get less than what I payed for it (that being $550) as it's just a spare I had and needed some money to fund buying a Lebel.
Does anyone know why it has skyrocketed soo much? I feel like I did a fair job explaining its condition etc. Worried that the to bidder will pull out and I would have lost all the other interest in it!
Anyway, for a younger collector such as myself that is some serious money that I can spend on some new rifles lol so I can't complain as long as the buyer is happy.
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