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This is a german (nazi?) decanter in the form of a replica shell, looks like an 88mm. The fuze cap unscrews to reveal the top of a bottle within the casing. When you turn the time set ring on the fuse metal cups are dispensed from the bottom of the casing. It looks like a shell, with the fuse on top and the bourlett rings around the base. It was brought back to the states bt a army major who was the military govenor of a city during the occupation. He also brought back a ton or more of weapons including daggers,swords, pistols, rifles, ammo, SMG's, uniforms, new helmets etc. He did have a yard sale years after and had the weapons etc. on tables in the yard. I was in the area then, neighbors told me of it.
I own the house that he had then. A previous owner found a new M3 grease gun in the attic floor. Ifound Nazi buttons and small banners when I was wiring the attic.
I would post pictures of the decanter, but this lousy format makes it impossible!
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