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I know they are out of business and there is the issue with the drop test. I got it new at such a good price I thought why not I'll give it a try. Its not going to be a carry gun and even if I use it as a house gun I never store semi autos with one in the chamber.
Well after looking at it in the shop I found out if you lightly press the trigger and let it go again without firing it will discharge if you smack it just the right way on the rear of the frame. Everytime 100% of the time. But this happened only when staging the trigger. I could not get it to fire any other time.
Now if this was your only pistol would you feel safe using it as long as you didn't chamber until ready to fire.
Aside from that I really like it. I'm pretty sure most of my other milsurp guns would fail the drop test. My nambu fires when you look at it wrong.
So what would you advise,
Range toy, wall gun,trunk gun or trade goods for the apocalypse?
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