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Anyway, not that I care all that much about my old username, I figured out that this new one didn't have myold one of Bud but won't register as just three letters, or I am guessing I am right with this. Haha, just visited the old boards and posted there with my old password, changed my email address to make sure it was listed, then tried the second generation that is getting dumped after a month but it still wouldn't take my password or a password request.
Soooooo.....I re-registered on this one. Strangley, I have been using a really old username and password from my old internet service provider which I still use as a free email station, years old, so I have been using it on the second generation, and this one, frankly, I will likely stick with it, seems ole Bud is bad luck, over the years everytime I had a problem I had to fall back on my trusty username when ole Bud wouldn't work(must be gremlins or skynet is becoming fully aware haha as in Terminator 3- ish), well anyway.
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